What is a Cosmetic Tattoo? 

Cosmetic tattoo is a procedure where we implant pigments in the second layer of the skin. It has many names: Feathering, Microblading, Blushing, Semi permanent make up, Permanent makeup, Nano but the result is similar. The color will eventually fade over time and need to be boosted by touch up sessions. 

How long will the effect last? 

The effect of different techniques and types of PMU may vary. 

     - Powder Brows / Shading technique  - 1 to 2 years

     - Hair Strokes / Machine Microblading / Combination brows - 12 - 15months

     - Eyeliner - up to 5 years (in many cases would last for 7 or even longer).

     - Lip Blush / Dark lips neutralization / Lip contour - 3 to 5 years

 * Keep in mind that you will still need to boost the color by coming for touch up sessions every year if you like to keep the fresh and nice look of it. 

Is there swelling after the procedure? 

Yes, swelling is expected after lip and eyeliner tattoo. It my vary from client to client and you can expect anything from mild to severe swelling. It will last for few hours (in some cases up to 24 hours). Eyebrows tattoo usually will cause non or mild swelling only.

Is the procedure done by tattoo machine or hand tool?

We use only machine techniques for all of our procedures. We found that the result is always better than using hand tools and blades. The healing is quicker and more predictable, the pigment stays in the skin for longer. Overall this is the new and modern microblading.

Is it painful?

Generally no, however we are all different and everyone feels the procedure and pain different way. We'll be using numbing cream before and during the procedure to minimize possible pain and discomfort. As you must provide your own numbing cream for the treatment, you can decide how strong anaesthetic you will need. Usually you can purchase numbing cream from the local pharmacy over the counter. If you are extremely sensitive we'll recommend to contact a compounding pharmacy and ask them for the options.

  LIP TATTOO - could be slightly painful for some clients due to sensitivity in the area.

  EYELINER TATTOO - mostly uncomfortable, usually not painful

  EYEBROWS TATTOO - pain free procedure

How long will be the procedure?

Generally the procedures are between 2-2.5 hours. That include the consultation, numbing and preparing for the treatment.

I have skin condition. Am I a good candidate for the procedure?

In some cases you would not be a suitable candidate for cosmetic tattoo procedure. If you suffer of any kind of skin condition that covers or is near the zone to be tattooed we would not be able to proceed. That include and it is not limited to: psoriasis, skin infection, herpes zoster, vitiligo, acne, warts, keloid scars, inflamed skin, cuts and abrasions.

! We keep our right to refuse procedure to people with contraindications, due to medical conditions or medications taken. If you are unsure you are good candidate, please contact us before purchasing a voucher or booking an appointment. In case of refusal, all fee will be refunded unless paid through Groupon. Groupon clients will have to claim refund from the website, they have purchased the voucher from.

Do you offer services to clients under age of 18?

No, unfortunately we can not offer any type of cosmetic tattoo to clients under 18 years old even with consent form form parent or guardian.

Can I cancel / reschedule my appointment?

Yes, you can. Please keep in mind that we do have 48 hours notice policy. In case of last minute cancellation / reschedule, you will be charged of $100 fee.

I suffer from Alopecia. Am I a good candidate for treatment?

Yes, we'll do our best to offer you suitable service, natural appearance and to make you feel as good as you should do in your skin.

Am I going to be able to pick the right size, shape and color for my eyebrows/ lips?

Absolutely, we can only advise you with the best choices available considering your skin type, color and face shape. The last call is and will always be yours.

Is the cosmetic tattoo safe?

Yes, it is. We comply all the safety and infection control requirements. All of the needles and materials are for single use only. However, it is up to you to keep your new tattoo as clean as possible and follow all of the aftercare procedures to prevent secondary infection.

What kind of procedures do you offer?

We do offer semi permanent make up procedures as eyebrows tattoo, lip blush/ lipstick tattoo, dark lips correction and eye liner tattoo.

How do I book an appointment?

First and most important, contact us to discuss your procedure/s and to check for available date for your appointment. Once we have confirmed your appointment date and time, you need to pay a non refundable deposit to secure it. You are welcome to pay online through our website system, we do accept card payments as well as afterpay. This security deposit will be deducted from the total cost of your procedure. Please keep in mind that you must inform us for any changes or cancellation at least 48 hours before the procedure. If you fail to do so or you do not show up for your appointment for some reason, your deposit will be kept by us and you would not be able to use it for next appointment. You will be able to reschedule your appointment free of charge once. For every other rescheduling you will be charged fee of $35. 

*Please keep in mind that in case you are late more than 30 minutes for your appointment, your session will be canceled and your deposit will be kept by us. 

Do I have to purchase anaesthetic cream before my procedure?

Yes, you will be asked to purchase your own anaesthetic/numbing cream before the procedure. We are able to recommend brands and Compounding pharmacy details, but we are unable to provide or distribute to you due to Australian laws.

Do I need to come for touch up (perfecting) session?

This is completely up to you. As it is not included in the price of the initial session, you can decide if you need one and when to book it.

As this is semi permanent makeup you can expect your tattoo to fade in time and you will need a touch up or correction. Our advise is to come for refresh once every year ( you might need to do that more often if you have oily skin type). 

Can you correct my old tattoo?

In most cases we can. However, if you need to change the color or shape of an old tattoo you might need tattoo removal session first.