Our mission

We are here to help you look the way you like. Our extended knowledge of color and skin theory will help us to improve or fix previous tattoo procedures done on your face and we would do our best to achieve the desired result, however we can not remove old tattoo, if it is dark and saturated, we'll be able to reshape and cure the wrong color in most cases. For best results we would recommend laser removal of the old tattoo.

We follow all the SA and Australia government requirements for safe skin penetration procedures and infection control. All of our needles are disposable and all of the pigments we use for your cosmetic tattoo are safe, sourced from well known, high end brands only.

It is important to take good care of your new tattoo after the procedure. The healing period is as important as the tattoo procedure itself. Make sure you follow our recommendations carefully for the best result possible. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

We keep our right to refuse procedure due to cosmetic tattoo contraindications as pregnancy, breast feeding, illness or medication taken, active skin disease or unrealistic expectations. Unfortunately not everyone is a good candidate for the procedures, so if you think there might be some reason for us to be unable to proceed with tattoo, contact us in advance, so we can discuss the possible options.

Portrait of Beautiful Woman
Natural Beauty

Our main goal

We believe that natural beauty is the best possible way for all of our clients. We select natural looking pigments/colors and use techniques for soft and beautiful finish. We highly recommend that the shape and colors you pick to be lighter and natural as the process is irreversible. It is easy to go darker or thicker when you come back for perfection session, but if the color is too dark we can not lighten it.