The eyeliner cosmetic tattoo will define your natural eye features. The procedure could give different final result (from delicate almost invisible fine line in your eye lashes, to thicker black line). You'll be able to give us information regarding your healing expectations and goals during our consultation. 

We'll numb the eye lid before procedure ( please make sure you pick the right anaesthetic for that procedure as not all available are suitable for eyes) as the skin is very thin and sensitive. However, most of our clients report that it is not painful procedure.

We usually use black pigment exclusively for eyeliner,  but in case you have different preferences, we can discuss further.


After the procedure you could expect mild to moderate swelling and for that reason we would recommend to leave few days off work or important meetings.

This procedure is usually suitable for all age groups, however keep in mind that we wouldn't recommend tail/ winged eyeliner for mature skin. This is a long term procedure and it will be visible 3 to 5 years (even longer in some cases). 

Since our face changes quickly, the tattooed eyeliner will change too. 

For mature skin we would recommend soft natural eyeliner, to give definition  to your eyes.

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