Eyebrows Tattoo

This is our most popular procedure.

There are three type of procedure you can pick for your eyebrows : Ombre/Powder ,Feather Strokes or Combo (both of the procedures at once).

Ombre /Powder procedure will give you the look of freshly done make up, the healed result would be eyebrows with gradient tone ,darker tail and arch and soft beginning of the eyebrow. No lines or strokes would be created. This type of tattoo appears very natural like dark shadow behind your hairs. The result of this tattoo will last longer than hair strokes.

The Feather Strokes is a procedure in which we would create thin strokes, which should give the impression of real hairs, We'll  match your natural eyebrows color as much as possible. This procedure is suitable for people with alopecia.

Combo technique would be used for clients who want the best from both worlds. We would match the natural hair and eyebrows color and will start with hair strokes where they have been missing and will finish the procedure shading a bit giving natural but more dramatic appearance.

During our consultation in the day of your appointment, we'll discuss the shape, color and saturation desired  and your expectations from your tattoo. We'll carefully pre draw the shape of your new eyebrows and once you are happy we'll proceed with tattooing. The eyebrows would be pre numbed and the procedure should be painless for you.

It would take 2 to 2.5 hours.

Once we finish the procedure, aftercare information will be provided and all you need to do is to follow our aftercare instructions and take good care of your beautiful new eyebrows.