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About Us

We know how important is for every person to feel happy and confident in their own skin. Sometimes however due to age or some external factors that could change. 

We are here to help!

SOS Cosmetic Tattoo is the place where you will receive the right treatment. We are ready to hear your story, to find the perfect shape, color and technique and make you beautiful once again. Our PMU  artist Teodora is fully  qualified in Cosmetic Tattoo by the best in the industry.  She has solid beauty background and  knowledge of the latest cosmetic tattoo procedures.

For all of our procedures we use only the most advanced machine techniques. No cutting through the skin or manual pigment implanting! Our tattoo artist provide complex machine techniques to achieve perfect results, better and more predictable healing process, which helps for longer retention appearance of the cosmetic tattoo.

Our studio is strictly following all the state and AU government rules for hygiene, infection control and anaesthetic requirements. We improve our services all the time and the results we are happy with are nothing else but perfection.


Permanent Lip Makeup

This procedure would give you brighter and more emphasized,  natural lip color. 

This procedure could define your natural eyebrows or enhance their shape, color and appearance. 

This procedure could enhance the eyelash line or give you the natural make up done effect.

This procedure is great for treating acne scars and

 fine wrinkles 

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